Cloud Digital Signage

Iconmedia Cloud Signage is transforming traditional B2C communications into B2Me communications - delivering information and personal interaction tailored to a viewer's specific wants and needs. Iconmedia Cloud Signage was the first platform to deliver the advantages of cloud computing using the unique combination of Cellular connectivity and a SaaS-based application. The Iconmedia Cloud Signage CMS system and revolutionary Video Presence system enable you to attract, engage, and directly influence your audience with a unique "personal advantage." Digital signage networks powered by Iconmedia Cloud Signage are simple to deploy, easy to use, and enable you to achieve your communications goals and ROI faster. Our solutions have garnered customer praise and industry awards for increasing market reach and viewer interaction, while reducing costs and complexities.

Why you should choose ICONMEDIA Cloud Signage ?


ICONMEDIA Cloud Signage can be used throughout ,for branding, merchandising, promotion, entertainment and information

Fast Caching Files

Our Signage player caches all the content locally . So even if a server is being worked on, your screen will never go down and the complete transition will be transparent to your audience. When the server is brought back up, the Signage Player will automatically reach to the cloud and check fornew updates which you may have submitted while the serrver was maintained.?

Secure Connection

Securing the cloud is fundamental toits success. Itis a core componentin theICONMEDIACloud digital signagenetwork. Informationis safely and securely stored and accessed through an authorized process called public/ privatekey encryption process.


NOC analyze problems, perform troubleshooting, and communicate with site technicians, track problems through resolution. For severe conditions, if there are issues on the client application, our developer will release new patch for fix the problems as soon as possible.