Wireless Solutions

Designing a reliable, secure, and available wireless network requires considering many factors. Rational planning and design, based on a thorough preliminary evaluation, can ensure that a wireless local area network (WLAN) will work the first time and allow ease of expansion without disruption. Wireless is an unbounded medium that does not suffer from restrictions such as wiring. It is flexible and robust and does not have to be protected or routed between specific physical points. For designers, it may be tempting to simply follow the layout of an existing wired network and perform a "cut and paste" for a wireless network. While this process may seem expedient, it will also repeat the wired network's mistakes and shortcomings and end up costing more in the long-term. As a general rule, less equipment and installation talent are required for implementing a wireless local area network (WLAN) than for a wired network. With wireless, less is often more. Wireless LAN design is a distinct departure from wired design, and the components that make up the framework will be the focus of the next Iconmedia Offers.

We've included many of the common issues associated with a wireless initiative, such as implementation roles, tips for risk assessment, and descriptions of procedural activities. The project plan includes a step-by-step task list that triggers the creation of a project calendar to help you organize deadlines and accountability every step of the way. The template is customizable so you can add details specific to your organization, such as project member names and specific project cost analysis. The project plan will also guide you in defining project/business alignment, with elements like:

Improving roaming capability and increasing productivity by providing workers with the flexibility to access network services, such as e-mail, company databases, and Internet, from different locations in the corporate office.