ICONMEDIA NETWORKS is a recognized leader and innovator in the network content services provider, ICONMEDIA NETWORKS Business empowers IT leaders to help drive the growth strategy at businesses of all sizes. ICONMEDIA NETWORKS does this by providing fully-managed and secure end-to-end network and IT solutions that help clients reduce capital expenditures and improve operations, all supported by an experienced customer care team. ICONMEDIA NETWORKS approach and product-firsts have propelled the platform to the forefront of the Cloud Digital Signage industry and enabled us to provide our customers and partners with exceptional business value.

Our Management Team is comprised of seasoned executives, each of whom brings a unique technical and business perspective to the mix. With rich backgrounds in cloud contents, software as a service (SaaS), web and channel distribution, the result is a rich portfolio of products and services that we believe will outperform your expectations, while delivering a commercial balance between advanced technology and business value.

  1. Cloud Signage for Retail Market.
  2. Cloud Signage for Food & Beverages.
  3. Cloud Signage for Transportation & Hospitality.
  4. Cloud Kiosk Solution & Interactives
  5. Cloud Surveys.
Mid-Market to Enterprise

We have secure IT Solutions for mid-sized enterprises that put you in control of maximizing the value of your IT environment. ICONMEDIA NETWORKS Business provides integrated communication solutions and systems for businesses, including retail, transportation, healthcare and financial institutions as well as state government agencies and higher education customers.

In today's rapidly changing world of technology, customers seek custom content networking solutions to underpin their organizations and business processes. ICONMEDIA NETWORKS Business creates additional value with our ongoing commitment to network product reliability, customer service excellence, and financial stability, making us the reliable partner of choice for many large enterprises.

Proposed Solutions - Low Cost, High Impacts

ICONMEDIA NETWORKS is transforming traditional B2C communications into B2Me communications – delivering information and personal interaction tailored to a viewer’s specific wants and needs. ICONMEDIA NETWORKS Cloud Signage was the first platform to deliver the advantages of cloud computing using the unique combination of Cellular connectivity and a SaaS-based application. The ICONMEDIA NETWORKS Cloud Signage CMS system and revolutionary Video Presence system enable you to attract, engage, and directly influence your audience with a unique ”personal advantage.” Digital signage networks powered by ICONMEDIA NETWORKS Cloud Signage are simple to deploy, easy to use, and enable you to achieve your communications goals and ROI faster. Our solutions have garnered customer praise and industry awards for increasing market reach and viewer interaction, while reducing costs and complexities.

ICONMEDIA NETWORKS cloud signage systems provide an in-the-cloud solution, enabling you to easily manage and control your interactive digital signage network while providing a unique “personal advantage.” ICONMEDIA NETWORKS Cloud Signage family of products includes two distinct cloud-based offerings that work together seamlessly to deliver breakthrough levels of viewer engagement.

User-Friendly Content Management System
ICONMEDIA NETWORK Signage content management system enables you to control and manage a display network of a few screens, or hundreds, all with a few simple mouse clicks.

The Android Mini PC is capable of all but the most demanding digital signage applications. With integrated Wifi, USB power, and HDMI video - all you need is an HD television. No complicated wiring or mounting required. Supports both Landscape and Portrait orientations and will adjust the video output HDMI automatically to match your signage.

Microsoft Windows

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 hardware is ideal for complex kiosk implementations or multi-display use with database integration capability. Supports both Landscape and Portrait orientations and will adjust the video output HDMI automatically to match your signage.

"Captivate customers with visually stimulating graphics by VNT NETWORKS Cloud Digital Signage."
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